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Take Control Of Your Finances

Foundational Finance

A step By Step Guide To Excellent Finances

In this book you will learn:

Step by step how to position your finances for whatever your goals are

How to aquire and use 0% interest funding that doesn't report to your personal report

How to fix any negative mark on your credit (complete with letter templates)

How to leverage debt to create income

And so much more!

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A quick, easy read that will leave you with enough actionable information to completely turn your finances around!

This book is a must have for anyone looking to get ahold of their finances.

About The Book

Take a look at the chapters of Foundational Finance

  • Chapter 1: Credit - What is credit? How Does it work? How can I use it best?
  • ​Chapter 2: Debt - What is debt? Is all debt bad? How do I use debt to my advantage?
  • ​Chapter 3: Wealth | What does credit & debt have to do with wealth? How do I create and protect wealth with debt?
  • ​Chapter 4: Credit Reporting ​| How does credit reporting work? How can I use it to my advantage?
  • ​​Chapter 5: Types Of Accounts | What types of debt and credit accounts are there, and how are they used? 
  • ​​​Chapter 6: Foundations | What is credit repair, how it works, and how you can do it
  • ​​Chapter 7: Business Credit | Building business credit, aqcuiring it, and how to use it
  • ​​Chapter 8: OPM | Other peoples money. What is it, and how to use it
  • Chapter 9: Turning Credit Into Cashflow |​ How to leverage credit & debt to create income
  • Chapter 10: Annual Fees | What are annual fees and how to avoid them
  • ​​Chapter 11: Credit Repair | What is credit repair, how it works, and how you can do it
  • ​​​Chapter 12: What's Next | Now that you have your finances on track for excellence, what do you do next?

About The Author


Damon Aleczander

Damon Aleczander is a highly successful American entrepreneur, investor, author, speaker, and internet personality. He is best known as the founder of, a company that provides financial and business consulting services to individuals and businesses.

As a CEO, financial strategist, business consultant, and finance broker, Damon has helped countless clients to correct and scale their finances, as well as start and scale their businesses. He has achieved remarkable success in his field, becoming a millionaire by the age of 25, growing aggressively every year since, and has been featured in numerous publications.

What Others Are Saying

ready to improve your finances?

The best time to take charge of your finances was 10 years ago.
The second best time is now. No matter what state your financial life is currently in, this book will show you how to turn it around.

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